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My paintings are a response to the natural landscape. When planning a new painting, the elements I take for my inspiration are shape, form and colour. I record the landscape on my daily walks and journeys and use photographs and sketches to piece together a new idea. My paintings are not necessarily of a particular location but relate to multiple images and feelings I gain when immersed in the landscape.


Colours and how they contrast, compete and compliment each other play great importance in my work - using tones that are not of the landscape brings a different perspective to my work, the final result taking on a more abstract quality.  


I am a mainly self-taught artist working in acrylic and mixed media - I love the flexibility that this gives me and enjoy trying new techniques to bring a different dimension to my work. My best results sometimes come from accidents with the paint.  


From an early age, I have always created and my previous job in the fashion industry has given me a love of colour, texture and form. I am fortunate to work from my garden studio on the Surrey/Hampshire border.  

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